Artist Signed (Stephen Wilson)

Edition of 8 plus 1 artist's proof

Embroidered record sleeve

Acrylic Framed

12" x 12" x 2"


Artist Description:  When I create an album I am always looking for ways to incorporate different embroidery techniques into the process. For lady Gaga’s Joanne album I pulled out all of the stops. The album features a profile picture of Lady Gaga wearing a pink cowboy hat over a warm grey background. I started with the background. I embroidered and laser cut a decorative damask pattern in silver glitter fabric. I then used rayon thread to embroider the hair and eyelash details. When it came time to create the hat I decided to use embroidered lace flowers in multiple shades of pink. Each flower was individually created and then added to the album cover one by one. When finished the flowers add a beautiful dimension to the hat.

Joanne, Lady Gaga. Acrylic Framed Embroidered Album Cover.