Steel Your Face, The Grateful Dead




Artist Signed (Stephen Wilson)

Edition of 8 plus 1 artist's proof

Embroidered record sleeve

Acrylic Framed

12" x 12" x 2"


Artist Description:  The Steal your Face image of the two tone skull with the lightening bolt along with the dancing bears is probably the most iconic image for the Grateful Dead, it is immediately recognized all around the world. I was too young to witness the Grateful Dead their heyday but I did manage to see them on one of their final tours with Jerry Garcia in the early 1990’s. The show was like nothing I had ever experience live, hard to describe, lots of people dancing to different rhythms at the same time, interesting, weird and amazing all at the same time. The music was incredible and I am glad I had the chance to witness a piece of music history. I have a few Grateful Dead albums in my lineup to create but this was the first. I started by stitching the background in two colors of loose wool thread, I tried to capture the worn vintage album cover vibe. the skull was stitched with multiple layers of red, blue and black glitter fabric and finished with rayon thread. The text was created as a patch and added in relief on the album cover.

Steel Your Face, The Grateful Dead. Acrylic Frame, Embroidered Album Cover.