Exile On Main St., The Rolling Stones, 2019




Artist Signed (Stephen Wilson)

Edition of 8 plus 1 artist's proof

Embroidered record sleeve

Acrylic Framed

12" x 12" x 2"


Artist Description:  This was one of the more difficult albums to embroider and I created two different versions of it. The cover of the album features a series of photographs by the late documentary photographer Robert Frank. The photographs feature circus performers from early American side shows. I hand tracked each of the tiny images in layers of wool thread in sepia toned shades. The detail of the photographs was excruciating to reproduce and it takes more than 8 hours to stitch each cover. The lettering was embroidered over the wool in red silk thread. The first version has the cover as originally developed and the second has the famous lips logo stitched in yard and collaged over the top of the album cover. The lips cause the cover to pop and become more of a pop art piece, the choice is yours — subtle or over the top?

The Rolling Stones, Exhile on Main St.